For 140+ years, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has contributed to the development of global industries and communities across the blue ocean.

However, recent years has made it clear that we need to change our course of action. It is imperative that we take a green approach to ensure that the oceans of tomorrow remain as blue as they are today.

That's why MOL proposes a switch - a change in the way we think about energy going forward. We must alter our power consumption and its circulation, transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable, clean power.

MOL Switch, a corporate venture capital firm established in the USA, is driving this shift by investing in startups that develop decarbonizing technologies and business models in the energy sector. Through these innovative and sustainable technologies, we can turn on a green future for generations to come.

The Clean Switch

Our goal is to invest in startups at different stages and explore opportunities to develop technologies and business models that support decarbonization.

Areas of investment


Transportation & Storage



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Unlock the potential of next generation energy by reducing costs and scaling up the supply.

Create new supply chains by transporting and storing next generation energy in safe, sustainable and cost-effective ways.

Accelerate the clean energy transition by reimagining new forms of applications and efficient energy management .

Catalyze the global supply of cost-effective, durable Carbon Dioxide Removal for hard-to-abate emissions.